1. Pocket Shop to close

    To our customers,

    Ten months ago we set out to provide the most convenient way for you to do your grocery shopping.

    As our shopping habits continue to evolve around our living and working habits, more of us are shopping multiple times a week from convenience stores or ordering our shopping online for delivery to our homes. But with convenience stores carrying limited ranges and online shopping offering next-day delivery at best, we wanted a service that would truly serve the lives of busy Londoners.

    Our mission was simple: to provide the most convenient way to do your grocery shop. Order online from the comfort of your sofa and get what you need delivered in under an hour. No trips, traffic, queues or carrying. No planning ahead. Just instant grocery gratification and another weekly chore taken care of.

    Over the last ten months we delivered over 4,500 items across London, from Richmond to Stratford. Your shopping was delivered by our smart, local shoppers who picked, packed and delivered your shopping to you directly, no matter the weather.

    You provided us with invaluable feedback and helped us evolve our service and experience. You thought our service was incredible and we thought the same about you and your loyalty.

    Throughout our journey we faced and overcame many challenges. One that proved insurmountable, however, was cultivating a large enough customer base in each area we delivered to in order to make our service economical. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to close Pocket Shop.

    I would like to thank our amazing team, our dedicated shoppers, our investors and most of all you, our incredible customers.

    If you have any questions about our closure please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Hemal Kuntawala
    Founder & CEO